Site & Interface Design

The Sharps Solutions, Inc. works with organizations to plan new or enhanced Web site structures and functionality. Our experience spans departmental as well as organization-wide Web sites.

At The Sharps Solutions, Inc., we provide useful and affordable web site design and development. We are dedicated to helping companies learn how to effectively use the Internet and apply it to their company goals. Web design and Web site creation doesn't have to be difficult or confusing.

Our Web development specialists are trained to help you create a well designed site. We not only design your site to your company's specifications, we make sure your Web design includes marketing techniques that optimize your site for today's online expectations. The Sharps Solutions, Inc. is committed to quality, visual innovation, and graphic integrity for any type of Web solution.

Designed with:
Cold Fusion
Custom CGI
Additional Services
Logo Creation
Custom Graphics
Databases & Forms
Complete Site Maintenance
Cascading Style Sheets
Internet Training Courses
Web Hosting Decisions
Online Instruction

Interface Design
The Sharps Solutions, Inc. develops user interfaces for both internally accessed as well as externally accessed applications and Web sites. With a total analysis of what your needs are, based on your expectations and future plans, our design personnel can provide a series of alternatives, each developed to turn your needs into a reality. Whether you need applications interface design, or something to pull your Web presence together, we'll base our recommendations and designs on what is both practical and attractive, with an attention to detail and fulfilled end user requirements as our goal. We also can help with the design of interfaces that require touch screens and audio or voice input, as well as keyboard and mouse input.

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