Web Site Auditing

The Sharps Solutions, Inc. fields teams of software engineers and content analysts who conduct rigorous audits of content and functionality for the most complex sites.

The Sharps Solutions, Inc.'s Web site experts have years of experience designing and conducting audits to verify site performance, content accuracy and timeliness to ensure compliance with industry standards or government requirements.

Here is how The Sharps Solutions, Inc.'s audit process works:
First, we identify or create a baseline of expectations or requirements for all published Web pages. This involves establishing a rating scale for page characteristics, such as "title appropriateness/relevance, metatag inclusion/usage, look and feel," and other factors. Some factors, such as link functionality, are Pass/Fail. Others, such as "content appropriateness," are rated on a qualitative scale.

Second, when a 100 percent audit of all pages is not possible, we work with clients to establish a page sampling process that enables statistical projection of audit results across the entire site.

Third, The Sharps Solutions, Inc. can generate full-site reports or issue selective reports for selected URLs, content "owners," developers or other factors. We can help organizations establish an auditing database to support on-demand, customized reporting and to provide a baseline for future audits.

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