Management Consulting

The Sharps Solutions, Inc. excels at business process reengineering, best practices studies, privatization reviews, efficiency and effectiveness reviews, and core competencies analyses.  In today's dynamic business world, these are the analytical tools being used as the foundation for sound business/government decision-making.

The Sharps Solutions Inc.'s specialized management consulting practice provides sound quantitative and qualitative analysis. Only through objective analysis can the most beneficial results and recommendations be achieved.  Of course, the desire for comprehensive analysis must be weighed against the cost of data collection and analysis.  Keeping your bottom line in mind, Sharps Solutions's specialized management consulting practice is steeped in rigorous analysis, combining the disciplines of process engineering, management science, information technology, finance, and business for a successful, but cost-justified solution.

The Sharps Solutions Inc.'s specialized management consulting practice can broadly be described in seven key areas:

1. Business Process Reengineering
2. Efficiency and Effectiveness Reviews
3. Organization, Staffing, Finance, and Operations Analysis  
4. Acquisition Planning and Logistics Systems Analysis
5. Privatization/Competitive Sourcing Analysis
6. Contract Close-Out Services
7. Legal and Administrative Compliance Review

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