Data Modeling

The Sharps Solutions, Inc. uses data modeling approaches and performance tuning approaches to create systems that will easily scale to meet future needs across the enterprise and between enterprises.

The Sharps Solutions, Inc. has provided government and private sector clients with professionally developed real time simulation of thermal and hydraulic systems. Propriety software development cycles include enhancement, testing, modeling, I/O integration, and systems integration.

Enhancement - Many algorithms are available for applications to predict results in systems. Few are designed robustly enough to incorporate every stress possible in the system operating environment. Sharps Solutions, Inc. simulations are.

Testing - The Sharps Solutions, Inc., offers a full package of services for software testing and evaluation. Simulation and modeling applications receive the full benefit of our expertise in this area. In order to provide real-world feedback to a development team, it is best to test the software under conditions matching normal use with respondents that closely match the final customer. Usability testing is best performed early in the development process while an application is essentially fluid. While testing can be performed at any development level, the earlier it is scheduled and performed the better.

Modeling and I/O Integration - As indicated, thermal and hydraulic systems were mathematically modeled for clients. Adjusting systematic parameters enabled predictions of process outcomes. Full scale processes later engineered based on the predictions served Sharps Solutions, Inc. clients well in real-world scenarios.
Systems Integration - The Sharps Solutions, Inc. applies its experience in a wide variety of integration environments to simulation and modeling projects.

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