Knowledge Management

In today's fast-changing global marketplace, success is no longer tied to the traditional factors of production - labor, capital or land. The new critical resource is knowledge. What an organization knows - and how it leverages that knowledge - has never been more essential for success. Knowledge encompasses both data and information. It is about people, and insights and context of the mind. It's the cumulative effect of a lifetime of insight, intuition, context, experience, and wisdom. Knowledge, quite simply, is what is in the mind of the knower.

The Sharps Solutions, Inc.'s Knowledge360 is a holistic approach to Knowledge Management and addresses: leadership, vision and values, culture and organization, technology, process, and measurements and incentives so that tacit and explicit knowledge can be fully leveraged for competitive advantage.

We accomplish this by:
Linking Knowledge management initiatives to tangible business outcomes
Applying our proven methodology, tools and techniques
Providing the necessary infrastructure, policies and procedures, and knowledge transfer to make KM real for our clients
Partnering with key providers of solution components, bringing the "best of the best" solution elements to bear.

This enables our clients to realize fast and lasting tangible results, providing:
Greater efficiency
Enhanced capabilities
Improved responsiveness
Better and more frequent innovations
A greater ability to comply with government and industry regulations

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