Professional Experience

The Sharps Solutions, Inc. team of professionals and advisory board brings over 150 years of experience in the public and private sectors in the areas of:

-  Operations and administrative effectiveness and management
-  Financial analysis and accounting management
-  Organizational and process development
-  H uman capital assessment, planning and training
-  Logistics and asset management
-  Technology solutions development and implementation
-  Scientific and industrial calibration services
-  Legal and regulatory compliance

The Sharps Solutions, Inc. Team and Associates bring Public Sector Experience in the Areas of:

-  United States Air Force
-  State of Maryland
-  United States Food & Drug Administration
-  DOL

Many of our associates have worked and bring experience in the following private sector industries :

-  Commercial, industrial, multi-family and residential real estate development and management
-  Chemicals and packaging
-  Manufacturing and construction
-  Industrial and commercial services (warehousing, distribution, shipping/receiving, inventory, printing)
-  Information technology (software/hardware/network analysis, development, implementation, training)
-  Accounting, banking and financial services
-  Security (executive protection, property and people protective services, risk management investigations, internal inquiries, and litigation support, anti-terrorism and crisis management consulting)
- Culinary services (restaurant management, food processing, packaging)
- Business services (procurement, customer service, outsourced financial and HR services, cost reduction studies, records management, growth consulting)

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